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Brazil Joins Madrid Protocol

Actualizado: 5 jul 2019

Photo by Rafaela Biazi

The Brazilian senate has approved the accession of Brazil to the Madrid Protocol for the registration of international trademarks. It is expected that this reform will enter into force on October 2 2019.

The Madrid System is administered by the World Intellectual Property Administration (WIPO) and permits the registration of a trademark in multiple countries through one single application. This framework simplifies proceedings and help companies save money and time when internationalizing their business. An additional advantage is that there is a maximum delay of 18 months for the examination and granting of the trademark.

It is expected that the reform in Brazil will come into force later this year, after making the required amendments in their internal regulation. For instance, the multclass ssysmte and co-ownership of trademarks will be introduced. With this new adhesion, there are already 120 countries members to the Treaty.

The Madrid system came into effect also in Canada since June 17. There are now 121 countries members to the treaty.

Find more information on the Madrid system on the official WIPO website.


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