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Notorious Markets Report Out - Taobao, Amazon, Snapdeal included

Actualizado: 13 may 2020

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The Notorious Markets report, drafted by the Office of the United States Trade Representative is out, with some interesting new inclusions. This report lists online and physical markets outside of the US where large scale intellectual property infringement occurs. It was launched in for the first time in 2006 and remains highly influential - as well as controversial. The latest edition includes 38 online markets and 34 physical markets.

Usual suspects such as Chinese platforms Taobao and Pinduduo are included, whereas Wechat has been removed since last year. Other wildly popular platforms that feature are Russia's VK and India's Snapdeal.

This year's controversial pick is some of Amazon domains (,,,, and The American company has already issued a statement that this inclusion is unfair and a mere "personal vendetta" of the Trump administration.

Regarding physical markets, we note some very popular markets are listed, such as the Silk Market in Beijing and the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. As for Spain, the infamous Els Limits de La Jonquera in Girona appears again.

You can check the full report here


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