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Ranked by WTR in Top Trademark Professionals 2021 list

World Trademark Review has included Esquivel & Martin Santos in its annual ranking of best intellectual property firms in Spain WTR 1000. It has also singled out our partners Victoria Sofía Martin and Adrián Esquivel as recommended professionals in Enforcement & Litigation and Prosecution & Strategy respectively.

The WTR 1000 research directory, which focuses exclusively on trademark practices and practitioners, has firmly established itself as the definitive ‘go-to’ resource for those seeking world-class legal trademark expertise. As with previous editions, to arrive at the 2021 rankings, World Trademark Review undertook an exhaustive qualitative research project to identify the firms and individuals that are deemed outstanding in this critical area of practice.

According to their research:

"Esquivel & Martin Santos has “a dynamic, modern and commercial approach to legal matters” and makes its debut in the WTR 1000 as a result. Since opening its doors 10 years ago, it has quickly gained the unshakeable loyalty of associates around the world, as well as industry giants in the food and beverage and fashion industries, among others. It also launched a China desk in 2019, which has further enhanced its offering and gives clients easy access to a reliable pool of resources in far-flung territories. Founding partners Adrian Esquivel and Victoria Sofia Martin Santos come in for effusive praise: “Adrian is very eager to understand and adapt to customer needs, making sure he is available around the clock, communicating effectively and staying completely down to earth.” Similarly, “Victoria’s extensive experience and support make her an instrumental partner to any business”. “Together, they are extremely effective, provide detailed advice and an excellent service. If you gave them a mark out of 10, they would score a solid 11.”

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