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- A user in ubuntu and I use Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS so it's not a fresh install :) In fact, I am the one who pressed the emergency shutdown button and shut down the system. squeakytoy: Hmm. reading the first step now Well, thanks, I have read it already. But it still doesn't work So I am stuck here. coconut, you here? squeakytoy: yes Yeah, I read all that but it doesn't work. squeakytoy: when did it stop working? Let me try it. I don't know Coconut, do you have any idea what can be the problem? i don't really know, but here are some tips to get started: i would not recommend pressing the power button by hand, it will damage the HDD. I would try to install it manually, instead of using the live CD. I think it is not a hardware problem, I already tried to install it on a completely clean system with no effect. Coconut, what do you mean by try to install it manually? in ubuntu when you press the power button, it automatically says shutdown in "last known good state", and then it start the shutdown procedure. Oh, I see But my problem is this: The button will not work you can try reinstalling the OS, and try different




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Office Password Recovery Pro Full Crack (Latest)

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