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Recommended by World Trademark Review

We have been included once again in the prestigious WTR 1000: The World's Leading Trademark Professionals ranking, alongside the the best firms in the world in trademark and intellectual property matters.

According to this ranking, hosted by the magazine World Trademark Review, our firm is “especially experienced" and is "well equipped to offer its services to clients in the food and beverage, fashion and pharmaceutical sectors. Customers praise the 13-year-old brand as an excellent boutique that offers great value for money.”

The guide is the result of independent research with references provided by clients, and also highlights our partners Adrián Esquivel and Victoria Sofía Martín Santos as recommended professionals.

Adrián Esquivel is “a practical lawyer with a business-friendly mentality. He is always responsive, honest and transparent in his dealings with clients. He takes their interests seriously and invariably seeks to fulfill them."

Victoria Sofía Martín Santos is, for her part, "a committed, experienced and well-informed lawyer." They also highlight that in addition to litigating, she knows how to resolve disputes amicably, when this resolution fits the objectives of her clients.

The WTR 1000 guide has been an international reference for years for companies seeking to protect their intangibles, serving as the definitive tool to find partners with experience and guarantees in jurisdictions around the world.

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