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Ranked in IAM Patent 1000

The prestigious publication IAM Patent that selects patent firms and attorneys worldwide has chosen both Esquivel & Martin Santos and our partner Adrian Esquivel as recommended firm and individual for Spain respectively.

This ranking is the go-to source for patent professionals worldwide, and is made using independent research and client feedback.

What the say about us:

IP boutique Esquivel & Martin Santos has earned a strong reputation for its stellar patent offering. Through bespoke strategies and a practical approach the ensemble serves a vast client base and demonstrates exceptional proficiency in patent prosecution. At the helm, Adrián Esquivel leverages more than 17 years of expertise in cross-border patent prosecution cases. His patrons benefit from his proactive approach, alongside profound knowledge of EPO complex proceedings and European patent validation proceedings.

We're grateful to IAM Media for their excellent and thorough research and to our clients for providing the positive feedback that made possible our inclusion in the ranking.

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